Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne - Always in Between - Arena Tour

Transition were approached by production manager Ian Martin to come on board as the video supplier for Jess Glynne's - Always in between tour.

The outline of the brief by show designers, Cassius Creative was to supply a large curved upstage wall with a portrait IMAG Screen to the left and right. Curved screens can be time consuming to build so it was imperative that the right product was used for the job.

Transition opted for the lightweight ROE CB5 in factory frames which enabled them to use the ROE curving camps. The 25m 4K screen used a 15 degree curve every 1200mm which gave the perfect concave effect with a flat portrait IMAG either side.

The video content was created by Fray Studios and was programmed and run on Transitions Hippotizer Karst V4 media servers outputting 4K.

Director Paul ‘Eggy’ Egerton was at the helm cutting cameras, utilising Transitions Ikegami camera channels and PPU with 2 cameras in the pit on track and dollies, along with a hand held on stage and a long lens at front of house. Eggy also utilised 2 Panasonic AWUE70 4K PTZ cameras which were operated by the engineer Tom Bassford. Tom wrote a custom program on the road that could recall presets and tallies for each camera offering a further selection of shots for use during the show.

The final outcome of the show looked incredible and toured arenas in the  UK and Ireland.

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