Imagine Dragons – creative screen solutions at Leeds and Reading festivals

Transition Video were approached by Dick Tee of Enteetainment to supply a creative LED screen solution to touring artists Imagine Dragons for their back to back appearances at the UK’s Reading and Leeds festivals in August.

Tee had a very specific but straightforward brief for these gigs. The LED setup needed to support creativity and flexibility for their touring LED to quickly program and configure the system on this mid-tour pair of dates. The system needed to be bright enough to be seen in daylight leading into dusk as the band were the penultimate act of the day. And finally the turnaround times between Imagine Dragons and the headline act was unusually short and hence the setup needed to rig and de-rig in record time.

“We fell back onto Stealth LED for this gig” says Rhodri Shaw of Transition Video. “Stealth still has one of the most innovative systems of storage with easy rigging out there and fortunately we have access to rather a lot of it!”

The stealth and associated rigging elements were pre-positioned along the rear of the stage ready to be hoisted straight of the cases seconds after the previous act vacated the stage. Pre-loomed rigging elements were tested in-house at Transition then real-world tested at 3am at each of the two shows.

“We really didn’t have any room for error on this show. We’d run through the rigging exercise like a military operation several times prior to hitting site. All cabling was designed to be truly plug and play and it all payed off. There was an element of satisfaction watching the LED fold back into its flight-case at Reading on Saturday evening and be on the truck heading to Leeds before headliners The Red Hot Chilli Peppers had even got into their stride.”