Jamiroquai - Automaton Tour

When Jamiroquai announced their come back arena tour in 2018, Transition were keen to get involved. After a lengthy tender process, Transition got the news that they'd be supplying the tour.

Transition supplied an upstage screen measuring in at 14.4m x 4.8m, made up of ROE MC-7H 7mm tiles. Beneath the upstage screen were 5 LED pods, the outer 2 pods were 3m x 1.8m and the central pod was 2.4m x 1.8m, again using the same 7mm. On either side of the upstage screen were 2 portrait IMAG screens, 3m wide x 4.8m high. The cameras specified were 4 Ikegami HDK 79 EX III Broadcast HD Camera Channels, 2 of which on Canon XJ95 Box Lenses at FOH, and a further 2 Canon HJ11’s in the pit on Transition’s IDS track and dolly system. There were also 4 Panasonic AW-UE70 4K Hot-Head cameras positioned around the band on stage, for the key moments in the live cuts.

The PPU was based around a Blackmagic ATEM 2M/E 4k Switcher with Blackmagic 1M/E panel. Content playback and the effects engine was powered by the Photon media servers which layer effects over the camera feeds in real time, as well as playing back the content to the LED.

Jay Kay’s head piece, as you’ll see on the photos, was quite a statement piece and, interestingly, also part of the set. “Jay’s been wearing his promotional, motorised LED hat - which he controls with his gloves - for all of his promotional appearances and throughout festivals, so we wanted to incorporate it into the show, significantly,” mentioned Nick Clark-Lowes (Content Creator). “Andy made the hat in the shape of the camera pictures. We’re using animated content with animated Alpha channels to reveal both the hat pictures and the camera pictures,” he concluded.

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