Transition’s range of media servers, each custom built into a 19” road ready rack with a UPS, Monitor bank and DVI Matrix, provide for any event.


Hippotizer Karst+

Media Processing

  • Max Mixes 8

  • Layers per Mix 16

  • Max Resolution per DVI Output: 3840 X 1200

  • Max Resolution per DP  Output:  4096 X 2160

  • 4K Playback* up to 4

  • HD Playback* up to 20


System Connectivity

  • Production Video Outputs 3

  • Production Output Connector 2 X DVI-DL, 1 X DP 1.2

  • Video splitter support Yes: on DP and DVI

  • Additional control outputs (ZK) 1 X  DVI, 1 X DP 1.2

  • Genlock No

Hardware Specifications

  • Video Capture cards DVI/SDI Composite

  • Media Storage 500 GB

Hippotizer Portamus

Media Processing

  • Max Mixes 4

  • Layers per Mix 16

  • 4K Playback* up to 2

  • HD Playback* up to 8

System Connectivity

  • Production Video Outputs 1

  • Production Output Connector mini-DisplayPort or HDMI

  • Video splitter support Yes: on mDP

  • Additional control outputs (ZK) Built in screen for ZooKeeper

  • Genlock No

Hardware Specifications

  • 15 inch MacBook Pro with retina display: Media Storage With AMD Radeon R9 – Option of either 512GB or 1TB Drive


Disguise GX2

  • The GX2 couples the power of the pro range with the most powerful GPU, for unparalleled generative content capacity.

  • Powerful Output: 2 X 4K

  • VFC Flexible Output Formats

  • GPU Most  powerful workstation grade GPU

  • GX2 technology pushes responsive content to new heights, and has all the output power you need and more. Scale up to two 4k outputs, or 8 HD outputs and see your most complex designs in gloriously high resolution.

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