Touring and Festivals

Transition Video has supplied many of the world’s biggest artists and shows with equipment at events far and wide. From Glastonbury Festival’s stages to a bespoke touring rig for an international act, Transition Video can deliver. The latest high-resolution video screens, high-end projection solutions and broadcast specification camera systems along with the skills needed to integrate it all into your show.

Successful supply of equipment to the challenging environment of, say, a European outdoor festival goes beyond an extensive product portfolio. Transition Video’s project team have many decades of experience in the logistics and potential issues associated with delivering creative video to such events. Whether it’s a snowboarding convention in the mountains or a music festival in poor weather, Transition understands what needs to be done for the show to happen come what may. Do you have a short artist turnaround time? No problem. Do you need a one off design that doesn’t look off the shelf? Transition can do that too. The right equipment will be recommended, rig/derig tested in advance and delivered on time ready to go.